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A Tried and True Method Over 100 Years Old

That's right, you read it!! Over 100 years old. Electrolysis was "invented" by necessity (the "mother of invention") when, in 1875, Dr. Charles E. Michel a St Louis, Missouri ophthalmologist needed to keep a rogue eyelash from growing into the eye of a patient--threatening blindness. He used a fine wire attached to a battery, inserted into the follicle, to produce GALVANIC ELECTROLYSIS within the follicle which destroyed the hair growing cells.

Galvanic works by converting normal body salt and water (through an electrolytic process--therefore "electrolysis") into sodium hydroxide (lye), hydrogen gas and chlorine gas. The gasses evaporate and the lye destroys the dermal papilla and the tiny blood capillaries which are responsible for hair growth. Galvanic electrolysis is one of the three (3) methods of permanent hair removal. The other 2 methods are the "Blend" and "Thermolysis".